Cycling Cycle

Boroondara City Council is strongly focusing on a sustainable future, which cycling is one of the preferred means of transportation. They also have a Cycling Plan for the next 10 years, yet, not many of its residents are aware of it. Additionally, there are many other traffic-related issues such as parking or traffic jams.

Boroondara currently has many Cycling clubs and communities, engaging many targets; yet, there is no club specifically aiming at University students. Also, these clubs/communities are disconnected and as the council info does not reach the audience, the effectiveness of these channels are questionable. Another point is that Gen Y has a strong resistance against authority; hence, trying to engage these target group needs to be approached from a different spectrum, rather than council - citizen, plus they are strongly immune against marketing information.

A design proposal to initiate a cycling club for university students in Boroondara to reduce traffic-related issues. With a humour approach, we use pop references that are familiar to our target audience. This familiarity is to establish a common platform for communication as being friendly and approachable rather than authoritative. Also, Gen Y is community-oriented with a strong peer-mindset. With this 'peer-like' approach with a twist of humour, the council can communicate with their audience with less resistance.

Brand Identity.
Creative Direction.
Print Collaterals, including Posters and Booklet.

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