The brief for 'Good Friday Seafood Dinner' is to create a visual system (identity) with the request to be based on a poem by Les Murray, "The Fisherman at South Head". The event is a celebration of Good Friday with family and friends in a casual restaurant.
In the poem, the oceanic scenery and the activities of the fisherman were scripted side by side; hence, giving birth to the concept of human and nature 'functioning two-as-one': "He is one with nature, his action from moving the canes to casting the bait is in sync with the ocean, the sun and the wave. He is the force of nature, as well as nature is him."
Also, this occasion is a family gathering and usually held at home. Melbourne is a big melting pot and many 'younger' people may not have a family to celebrate with due to geography distance. They'd like to eat out and enjoy a good time with the friends - their so-called 'family'. With this reason, instead of using an older/more mature image of a fisherman, a set of younger, more dynamic and 'ragged' image of fishermen is developed based on the 'lumbersexual' imagery, which is really popular among this target group. Finally, also inspired by the Moby Dick, the posters incorporated the image of a whale as an ocean. This reflects consistently with the idea 'being two-as-one' - not only existing as a phenomenon but also a living creature.
There are two separate areas (cream and pale aquamarine) representing the sky and ocean surface respectively. The logo when under the sea (inside aquamarine part) turns white like bubbles whilst in the sky (inside cream part) turns orange like a sun.
Identity for the event.
Print collaterals such as posters and postcards.
Wine Labels.
Other (T-shirt)


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